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  • Wedding Hair Do's and Don't's

    For all your Wedding Hair needs in Shrewsbury and the surrounding area

    Take this time to BLING your hair. Veil, jewels or flowers. 
    *create a hair and make up schedule with your team (let your day flow effortlessly) 
    *come with accessorise to your trial to get a clear feel for the day. 
    Enjoy your "big day team".It's important you feel confident with the people around you on your special day.

    * don't think you have to have hair completely different. (Feel comfortable)
    We can just make it a your BEST YOU style. 
    * Please don't say you like hair if it doesn't feel right. The trial is all about you being clear and happy. 
    *dont leave booking your hair last minute (no disappointments for your most important day) 💛